Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sharpton thinks Dunbar Village rapists should be free to roam the streets

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Today, Al Sharpton's outrage is over the state of Florida's decision to essentially not grant bail to four monsters who violated, degraded, raped, assaulted, abused, and demoralized a young woman and her teenage son. In addition, they struck fear in the hearts of Dunbar Village-area residents.

Sharpton said the black teens remain jailed and the white teens are free on bond, despite them committing the "same act."

"To have different reactions to the same set of circumstances is a crime in itself," Sharpton said.

Rape is a horrible attack on someone's body, mind and soul. No rapists should be allowed to roam the streets in search for their next victims. I don't care that other teens who had sex with their drunken friends are allowed out on bond.

What kind of ignorant, morally bankrupt, heartless, fool would suggest the Dunbar Village rapists should be anywhere other than where they are? Nathan Walker, Jakaris Taylor, Avion Lawson, and Tommy Lee Poindexter are exactly where they should be--rotting in a jail cell.


Is there ever a time when you can stop supporting your son's stupidity? Just once! I mean, the kid wasn't expelled for talking in class. He raped someone mom. Avion's mama thinks her son should be treated fairly.

Cathy Lawson said her 14-year-old son Avion should not be charged as an adult because he doesn't have the mind of an adult. He is confined to a cell and she wants him to be able to get a bond and be treated fairly, she said.

He brutally kidnapped, raped and beat a woman and a child at gunpoint. He poured chemicals in a child's eyes and in this woman because he thought he was CSI, but I bet he can't tell you the sum of 12x12. The police arrested him and now he's in jail. Seems fair to me, whats the problem? In fact, what would be more fair is if someone did to him exactly what he did to a mother and her child.

Palm Beach Post has some interesting video of dissension in the ranks at THE PRESS CONFERENCE! Check out the video of Al storming off like a petulant child when someone tries to take his microphone and camera!!



Anonymous said...

Is Sharpton actually trying to gather votes to support him or a cause that he supports? Does he actually think that anyone wants to support rapists of any kind?

What's Sharpton's next move? Will he hold a press conference in front of Michele Vazquez's home and say that she and the press bad mouthed Alburn Blake after he murdered her husband at the Wendy's last week?

Where is the voice of the people of Dunbar Village to denounce this man who'd rather give the rapists their constitutional rights to roam the streets and fill people with fear than stand for actual justice?

I can't imagine that anyone will feel safe in Dunbar Village for a long time just because of how recent that tragedy was. I will never think of that woman and her child without wanting to cry for both of them. EVER!

And I will NEVER think that there is justice in Palm Beach County if those rapists can walk free, and I don't care if the President himself pardons them, they will always be rapists. Al Sharpton needs to take a class in Political Science someday.

Anonymous said...

Technically, it would be the product of 12 X 12. The sum would be 12 plus 12. But I get your point.

Anonymous said...

Well as long as you get the point and you were able to make that correction.