Friday, March 14, 2008

Remember who Sharpton and NAACP are speaking for

Al Sharpton, of the National Action Network, and the West Palm Beach NAACP have decided to provide their services to four rapists of a Haitian mother and her 12 year old son.

"I have never seen anything that would resemble this crime, with the brutality and the manner they did it," said West Palm Beach Police Lt. Chuck Reed, a 29 year police veteran.

Lets remind ourselves of the heinous crimes that occurred June 18, 2007. Yes, I know it is hard to read but READ IT, ALL OF IT:
  • A group of armed young men forced their way into their home, after telling her the tires on her car were flat.
  • The rapists repeatedly gang raped her and beat them both for approximately three hours.
  • They forced her to perform oral sex on her son.
  • They smashed a plate over his head and repeatedly beat the victims with fists and glass objects.
  • The rapists poured ammonia on her in attempt to destroy DNA evidence and chemicals into the boy's eyes.
  • They forced them to lie naked together in the bathtub, hit them with a broom and a gun and threatened to set them on fire.
  • About 48 hours after the attack, the boy was immobile in a hospital bed, a 1 1/2 -inch scar stitched across the top left of his skull and bandages covering both eyes.
  • They boldly took cell phone pictures to record their violent, immoral and sadistic acts.
  • They stole her purse, phones and jewelry; then stole someone else's car from the complex in order to escape.
  • The victims walked a mile to Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Now exactly why do they deserve to be anywhere other than in jail?

Read more articles here and at the Palm Beach Post comprehensive Dunbar Village Assaults archive.


Robert Parten said...

Well, I am not one for the death penalty, however I would love to see the "eye for an eye" rule used here.

This is close to home for me, I grew up around Tamarind Ave and "the hood" I grew up one day and realized that you are going to get no where in this world being a Thug.

What I am sick of is people saying that "blacks" receive far worse treatment in criminal cases than Whites. Let me tell you a story.

Feb 2003 I was before a Judge in juvenille Court...Judge Roger B Colton. I was up on charges for a crime I never committed. No physical evidence, no witnesses, NOTHING but some white trash "victims".

Even though their stories were completely opposite and it was very clear I was still charged and sentenced to a program. I am white...do you call that Justice? The system is brutal to everyone regardless of race. There is only ONE thing that helps a person...MONEY And the ability to hire a GOOD lawyer to get you out of crap you know you got yourself into...celebrities anyone?

What these gentlemen (for lack of better word cause they don't deserve to be called this) did to this mother and her child is horrible, their entire lives need to be spent in an isolation cell where they can rot to death.

They had to plan the entire ordeal, then they executed it, and then try to cover it up. To me that is as horrible as it gets. If they murdered her, it would be Premeditated 1st Degree Murder Punishable by Death.

Do I believe death is what they need? No, i don't believe in the death penalty. I believe the same ordeal need to happen to them, they should be gang raped, beaten, and have acid thrown on their useless body and then thrown into a isolation cell to rot for their rest of their lives.

The victims of this crime are forever scared, Only in America do scum shit bags like these 4 guys get the help from some Conservatist organization. They made their bed...SLEEP IN IT!

The NAACP is America's largest joke of an organization, just like EVERY OTHER ORGANIZATION DIRECTED TOWARDS A CERTAIN ETHNICITY, SEX, RELIGION AND SEXUAL PREFERENCE. When are we going to have a organization prevail that is just for..HUMANS regardless of any physical, spiritual, or sexual belief?

Once again...only in America.

disgusted said...

Al Sharpton is dispicable. Where was he when the victim and her son so desparately needed help. Where is he when the good people who live there needed him....nowhere to be found. Now he is speaking on behalf of the hoodlums who committed this disgusting act. The world is a better place with them behind bars. they have some nerve complaining about their time in prison. They could be working the chain gang 12 hours a day.

Anonymous said...

These dirtbags dont deserve to live, however,I would love to see them get banged in the ass for the rest of there lives in prison!!!!!! I wish I had 10 minutes with these gutless, weak, sad excuses for human beings!!!!!Al Shapton belongs in jail with these clowns...He's such a looser!