Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NAN says we got it wrong

If Al Sharpton doesn't support the Dunbar Village rapists then why did he stand there with their families?

Bumbling tap dances won't get you out of this one Al. You never should have said a word.

In West Palm Beach, Sharpton also will condemn the "unfair" treatment of the suspects in the Dunbar Village assaults, said the Rev. William Richardson, the Florida director of the National Action Network. (Palm Beach Post)

Rape is rape but your new friends are more than rapists. They were an armed roving pack of animals who decided to victimize a mother and child--it could have been anyone, they were simply looking to degrade, defile, and harm. They can't be trusted. They weren't treated unfairly. To be treated unfairly means something is wrong with the treatment you've received. Thus far, their treatment has been JUST.

Now, if you want to go to Boca and say those boys are receiving preferential treatment (and I have issues with that, but thats not my fight) then go ahead.

I believe in the need to battle unequal justice, you simply chose the wrong criminals to frame as victims of 'THE MAN'. Step away from this one.

Note to Al: You might want to look at how the NAACP is throwing you under the bus. But I guess there is no love between you already (remembers you stomping off like a child when they wanted to speak).


cynthia said...

I would like to see al sharpton engage in an honest dialoge about how it is that those 10 dunbar boys became rapists. how were they raised and by whom? once they were laughing baby boys and now what are they? al sharpton needs to know that the rest of us going forward, together, and he can either join or or stay behind in the dust of the old times...cynthia

ISqaw woman said...

i am so glad someone has called out the NAACP and Al Sharpton, I had a incident in 2000 and i was told by the Atlanta branch NAACP "the NAACP does not defend any cases of injustice to Negro Woman, only men. Nobody black would take my case, get over it, they are only interested in the injustice of black men not women or children. i sent a letter to Al Sharpton, the case was a blantant human rights case, i was informed i was a woman and no black man will defend me. i am so glad someone has finally called this ugly issue towards the lack of respect for the hummanity of woman.
thank you.