Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Two-Prong Approach to Activism

The best example I can give is public education. Many people don't like the standardized testing and the "No Child Left Behind" program but you dont stop teaching the kids while you fight the policy.

So while many believe West Palm Beach needs leadership in the form of a new mayor, the West Palm Beach Housing Authority needs a new board and Laurel Robinson needs to be replaced is there any question that the residents of Dunbar Village need something too? Its a two-prong approach.

If there is a new mayor, board and executive will everything magically be okay? No, it won't. Lets at least be honest about that. Many of the residents of Dunbar Village want improvement but don't know how. And we have to acknowledge that some aren't going to change and don't care to change.

So this townhall meeting, if you will, is about helping the residents to empower themselves to demand and more importantly create the change they want.

There is the need to bring attention to the problem and heat on the public officials. That can be done from my home. But the world also needs hands-on people who are actively involved with individuals. Thats where going to West Palm Beach and working with the people come into play.

Calling attention to problems is necessary and fabulous. Many times its what allows the hands-on folks to become aware of issues. But people calling attention to an issue will only work if it motivates people to get involved. If you don't get involved people are talking and alerting for no reason.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Are We Doing?

This is a blog that focuses on the need for change. Our objective is to improve the lives of the residents of Dunbar Village. We may have differences of opinions but one thing is painfully clear: They need our support. This is not a forum to discuss whether or not there is a problem in the community, whether or not we need to take care of them, whether or not established civil rights groups are actively advocating for our issues. If you want to debate those issues this is the wrong place.

In January 2008 those who care and want to actively make a difference will come together in West Palm Beach to give the Dunbar Village residents our support as they demand and create change in their community.

We are not stepping into Dunbar Village to tell people what to do. This is something where we follow THEIR lead. We will provide support in terms of knowledge, ideas and resources but we won't be there to tell anyone what to do.

If you are interested in helping the residents to empower themselves through your physical presence, knowledge, ideas, resources or contacts THANK YOU. If not, please move along.

Please stay tuned for information about the date and agenda.