Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Are We Doing?

This is a blog that focuses on the need for change. Our objective is to improve the lives of the residents of Dunbar Village. We may have differences of opinions but one thing is painfully clear: They need our support. This is not a forum to discuss whether or not there is a problem in the community, whether or not we need to take care of them, whether or not established civil rights groups are actively advocating for our issues. If you want to debate those issues this is the wrong place.

In January 2008 those who care and want to actively make a difference will come together in West Palm Beach to give the Dunbar Village residents our support as they demand and create change in their community.

We are not stepping into Dunbar Village to tell people what to do. This is something where we follow THEIR lead. We will provide support in terms of knowledge, ideas and resources but we won't be there to tell anyone what to do.

If you are interested in helping the residents to empower themselves through your physical presence, knowledge, ideas, resources or contacts THANK YOU. If not, please move along.

Please stay tuned for information about the date and agenda.


Attorneymom said...

I am on it. I will add it to the my blog. Good job.

Anxious Black Woman said...

I will definitely add you to my blog roll. Welcome and please check out an earlier post I did on the Dunbar Village rape that occurred last summer:

bfp said...

great to read this--looking forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ABW and BFP. Things are plugging along.

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

I'm sorr sorry that any of this happened. I will add your blog to mine.

Millie said...

This is great info to know.