Friday, January 18, 2008

Okay Rev. Al: Date Changes and Gov. Crist

The date has changed from Feb 1o. So many dates are flying in my head I'm not sure if the new date is the 18th or I just made that up. So, stay tuned.

Meanwhile, check out what happened in Boca Raton, FL.
An 18-year-old being held on $100,000 bail this morning is the sixth West Boca Raton teenager charged with raping two girls, ages 13 and 14, then leaving them partially undressed, bloody and unconscious on a canal bank after drinking on New Year's Day. (Read the story here)

As a woman who lives in Florida I would really like to know that Gov. Crist has as much contempt for savage rapists as he does for All State .

In fact, why don't you call and ask him. (850) 488-4441

I've contacted Gov. Crist as have other bloggers about Dunbar Village, public housing and violence against women in his state. We've heard nothing.

Gov. Crist has been known to meet with family and advocates of victims. (Think Mark Lunsford, father of murdered 9-year old Jessica Lunsford and Kay Shukwit, the mother of a murder victim in the 2004 Deltona massacre.) Is there a reason he can't take a few minutes to acknowledge the pain and suffering in Dunbar Village public housing complex?

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