Friday, January 11, 2008


Thankfully, after further consideration the Dunbar Village Townhall Meeting has been changed to February 10, 2008, 4:00 pm. Now, politicians can't use possible prior Super Tuesday engagements as an excuse.

Stay tuned, this are changing constantly.


Anonymous said...

I think that we are going in the right direction when you say we need to remove Laurel Robinson from her post. But the thing that people have to understand is that when you talk about removing her you have know that with that you really don't know what it is that hyou going to get, the next person that we get may not be any better then the person that we have now,
So with i think that we need to 1st. try and slove the problems that we are having with her, and if we can't then yes by all means remove her.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken she's been there almost 10 years.

Fear of change is not okay. Accountability means firing those who don't get the job done.

I don't live there so its not for me to give her more chances.

I do know this, the next person would know why they have the job--because leadership is willing to fire people who don't get the job done.

This problem is bigger than Laurel Robinson. And when effective, engaged managers communicate with people that fact is clear.

Her problem seems more like the attitude of those whose actions she does control, like her property managers that don't seem to give a hoot about the residents and their concerns when they are contacted.

Beenthere said...

I worked at WPBHA for three years as Director of Facilities. The pproblems at Dunbar are not new. Laurel has systematicly removed all experienced staff with years of HUD experience. Even the proven security staff has been removed with no replacement. Laurel R. cannot keep good staff due to poor mgt. She cannot work with men and surrounds herself with weak woman. She is a slumlord. HUD supplies more then enough money it's just used poorly and without care. Robinson and her CoDirector saleries equal almost if not more $200,000/yr plus company cars. I once asked Laurel to review a newly renovated living unit readied for residents. She refused stating she did not want roach droppings or eggs to get on her shoes or clothes. The problem at WPBHA is lack of concern and compasion. Lets see if Laurel would sleep one night in any housing unit she expects residents to live in.
Residents deserve a management that cares and are not meeting a gov't program to just hire woman.
HUD says Dunbar is a high acheiver. Where did they set that bar?????

Anonymous said...


Welcome to the blog. Your words, I can believe.

Someone at City Hall basically let it be known Laurel Robinson was "something". And it wasn't a compliment.