Thursday, December 13, 2007

Still Plugging Along

As you can see from the sidebar some local and state politicians have let it be known they will attend the meeting.

CG, the Dunbar Village (DV) resident who is planning the Townhall Meeting is going to City Hall to try and get this meeting put on the mayor's calendar.

I spoke with the Director of HUD's Miami Office, Armando Fana, a couple of weeks back. He agreed to have a HUD representative come to the meeting in order to hear the complaints of the residents. Because a HUD representative is slated to be there, Laurel Robinson was contacted.

This morning I contacted a managing editor of one of the stations down in West Palm to start greasing the wheels on getting the media attention ready.

CG will also speak with a principal of one of the local schools.

Monday I have a few more phone calls to make. Shane and Shecodes are on the ball as always. They will draft a letter that will be out of this world.

Fal will be working on flyers that will be passed out to the residents and posted online.

I love ACTION. Don't you?

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